In terms of floral decorations forthe house there is no alternative forfresh flowers other than the use of an artificial flower. There are different types of artificial flowers that are available and one has to be cautious in making a choice so as to always make a good selection that will serve a better purpose. People who are not used to the many types of artificial flowers will be confused on the type of flower to choose from the many brands that are available in the market.

Here are some of the reasons why an artificial flower is preferred for home floral decorations. One is that they are more adaptable to any type of weather conditions. Irrespective of any type of weather one would not have any problem of using these flowers because it will not be affected by weather. This cannot be the case for real fresh flowers as they cannot be sustained in all types of weather.

The other important benefit that can be derived from the use of artificial flower is that they are the most suitable for most types of floral decorations including both indoor and outdoor floral decorations. One can therefore see that there would no constraint as to the type of conditions and environment in which the artificial flower can be used. It can be said that most people have realized these advantages and that may be part of the reasons why artificial flowers are in hot demand in many parts of the world. Many manufacturers have joined in the production to enjoy a share in the booming flower market. These manufacturers introduced different effects to make their brands of the artificial flower better than others. Lots of colour combinations have been added to the different brands. This can make it bit difficult for one to make a choice as regards the type of flower selection for his or her home. However in making a choice of the artificial flower one should be interested in choosing the type that would provide high quality decorations to the home.

To get the best quality artificial flower for your floral decor it is recommended that one engages the services of a professional florist who can provide some useful advice on how to go about the floral decor. One can even get useful advice by researching the internet. Researching the internet could be better because there are many professionals who have written one article or the other that can be of immense help for choosing the best artificial flower for home floral decor.


Many variant names of bougainvillea include Bougainvillea spp.(scientific name), Bunga kertas, buginvila in Malaysia, kembang kertas in Indonesia and Ye Zi Hua in Mandarin.Bougainvillea is an evergreen and a woody vine. Most of them have spines and are very thorny. Bougainvillea has a nice fragrance which is similar to that of the Honeysuckle plant. In cool or dry conditions, it can be semi-deciduous. The shoots, that have been overgrown, may attach themselves to the surroundings. The leaves of bougainvillea are ovate, alternately arranged and simple. The flowers are trumpet shaped, small, white and occur in group of threes. Large colourful bracts surround the flowers to make it even more beautiful. The fruits that they bear are small, dry and have one seed. The plant has bright violet leaves that are deep green and very long. Its blooming starts in September and continue till May. They grow very quickly. It is so popular because of this quality only. Its coloured flowers and quick growth makes it appropriate for indoors as well as outdoors. Bougainvillea is a terrific plant that is planted for terrace and flowery decorations.Its trimming might result in bonsai.The two most common species of bougainvillea are: Bougainvillea spetabilis and Bougainvillea glabra. These two species have been cross-bred to give rise to various hybrid varieties of the plant. In South America, one can find upto 14 different species of bougainvillea. In countries like Singapore and Malaysia, the most common varieties, apart from Bougainvillea glabra and Bougainvillea spectabilis are Bougainvillea mrs butt and Bougainvillea peruviana. Also, many hybrid varieties have become very popular lately. These include Bougainvillea spectoglabra and Bougainvillea x buttiana hybrid. Bougainvillea is extensively used all over the world because it is one of those few plants that flowers round the year in hot and wet weathers. Flowering can be done by proper watering and fertilizing. No plant grows well if it is either over fed or under fed.Bougainvillea can be put to use in numerous ways. They can be used in trellis or in hanging baskets. They can also be used as Bonsai. They can either be used as small flowering trees or as hedges. Bougainvillea can also serve the purpose of lawn specimens. They are woody ornamental landscape plants that add beauty to the surroundings.Being so useful and so easily available, growing bougainvillea can really be a tedious task. Its blooming requires ample sunlight and water. One needs to give it proper care, time and love. Its blooming can surely make anyone’s backyard look attractive and special. So take some time out so that you have the backyard you desire.

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