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Tien-chi flower tea (Panax pseudoginseng) is a unique type of ginseng plant that grows in southwestern China; mainly cultivated in Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces. 

The main part of the tien-chi plant used as a health product is the root, which is valued for regulating blood circulation, as detailed in a 1979 report (cover pictured here). The flower is used somewhat differently, as a “heat clearing and toxin cleansing” herb, given to reduce inflammation, feverish feeling, skin eruptions, and sore throat. It is a kind of herbal tea. Benefits of Tienchi Ginseng for Energy

Tienchi boosts energy and endurance and improves blood flow. Polysaccharides like those in Tienchi are rich in oxygen, an essential component in the final step of cellular energy creation. A California State Polytechnic University study of 30 young adults reported a significant increase in endurance, energy levels, and oxygen levels after taking Panax notiginseng for thirty days. How does this happen? When you increase oxygen to your cells, your energy naturally increases.

Tienchi also encourages red blood cell production and promotes circulation that delivers oxygen-rich blood to your cells better than Panax ginseng and American ginseng. In addition, it also seems to possess a hemostatic ability that stops internal and external bleeding. It’s basically like a tonic for your blood stream. The better your blood flows, the more oxygen and nutrients delivered to your cells.

Other Health Benefits of Tienchi Ginseng

Blood sugar support is necessary in this day and age, with metabolic syndrome running rampant in the developed world. Studies have revealed Tienchi ginseng to be a powerful adjunct in insulin resistance, a hallmark symptom of metabolic syndrome. Trials so far have found Tienchi lowers blood sugar by encouraging glucose absorption, reduces irritation associated with diabetes, improves insulin response, and has anti-obesity properties. [4] It also lowers blood pressure and helps improve male fertility.

Tienchi ginseng side effects and contraindications

As a common tonic, Tienchi ginseng is considered a relatively safe herb and given by the AHPA with a class 2B rating. HoweverScience Articles, it is inadvisable in the follows scenarios:

1) People with deficiency-cold syndrome should use it with caution because its cold nature will aggravate the condition.

2) Women with heavy periods (menorrhagia) should stay away from it since it can stimulate menstrual flow. But the exception is irregular menstruation due to blood stasis.

3) Do not use it during a cold since it can make it worse.

4) Do not use it along with other scented tea just in case its efficacy will be affected. Using it alone is the best way to maximize its health benefits. But a little bit rock candy is allowed for flavoring if you don’t really like the taste.

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