The peanut (ground nut) plant is very unique in the plant kingdom as it produces areal flowers like any other plants but interestingly the nuts are formed only underneath the soil.  Once the flower is formed in the plant, it undergoes pollination (self/cross).  Post pollination, the flower stalk elongates, leans down to the ground & gets buried and then the nuts are formed under the soil. 

This unique feature is seen only in peanut (ground nut) plants.  What could be the evolutionary reason for the peanut plants to burry their nuts under soil?  Perhaps, the plant would have been attempting to ensure that its seeds (nuts) are well protected for the next generation.  Peanuts being very delicious and rich in nutrients among various nuts available in nature, the over exploitation or over consumption of the same by many species of animals is always possible.  This would have compelled the plant to invent a novel method of hiding under the soil.  Being an annual plant, burying the nuts under the soil would also facilitate the next generation in an easier way.  Since the nuts are already buried in the soil, they can germinate to a plant with onset of return of favourable season.

The flowers of the peanut plant are self pollinating one.  During the process of evolution, the plant would have aspired to have high level of self reliance and independence.  But the puzzling question is why the plant choose to be very independent or completely self reliant in nature?    Was it simply an attempt to be different from others?

How far such self reliance has helped the ground nut plant to be very successful as a biological species?  The pods of the ground nut are relatively very strong and hence they are reasonably protected.  Despite having such an advantage, why the plant attempt to bury the nuts in soil?  Producing long flower stalk post pollination would definitely be a costly process for the plant.  But still it does.  The concern for future was seen to be very important by the groundnut plant and hence it would have evolved in such a manner.

The message to be learned or derived from the above unique phenomena of peanut plant is that the present should not be extrapolated to future.  The peanut has very hard shell that can resist any attack.  However, the plant wants to ensure further safety to the nuts and hence it buried the same underneath soil.  The capability that is well appreciated or utilized at present may answer only for the present needs and the future demands can be different.  To meet the future demandsScience Articles, both the organization and the employees should develop different capabilities.   

The ground nut plant did not stop with the hard shelled nuts it had produced but also made an attempt to bury the seeds in the soil for the possible next generation.  It wants to be completely self reliant and does not wants to entrust the responsibility what it feels to be very important on others. 

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