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A wide variety of quality flowers we sell in Jakarta there is a direct interest in impot from abroad such as the Netherlands, Ecuador, Vietnam, China and other countries, there is also a quality flowers imported and domestic cultivation is done in the past there were also local quality flowers. All varieties in the above criteria will be very influential on the shape and durability of the flowers. And Jakarta Florist understands generally imported flowers or flower import quality and durability for longer awetnya quality of local interest.

Flower arrangement or bouquet is a lot of people to be utilized equaled a message to someone either to the atmosphere of joy or of interest to grief as we take the example of flowers board, standing arrangement to the media people use words like flowers condolences, flowers greeting wedding congratulations, inauguration speech, flowers for the opening of the store and assorted other words, while for flower bouquets and table many people used to say happy birthday, happy birthday or happy anniversary, greeting for Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day greeting and flowers this hand also widely used for wedding ceremonies.

This table flower arrangement is one of the very favorite flower arrangements in the message by our customers, this circuit is very suitable and deserve you send to people you care about when people you care anymore birthday birthday besides this series is very well suited for speech such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the anniversary of your marriage.

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Jakarta florist online and local flower shop understand when there are lots of inauguration events organized by business entrepreneurs, then surely there will be many words of greeting to congratulate them, especially from friends colleaguesArticle Search, business associates and from the suppliers. This was done in order to establish intense communication and have a high regard for the value of new business owners. No doubt you get a lot of bouquets as highly considered choice to deliver words of congratulations earlier.

A Hyacinth Flower Garden – In Miniature

Tools: — tweezers, scissors, hot glue gun and glue.


1. medium-weight green wire – 2 1/2 inches for each flower stem.
2. shredded styrofoam in several colors — pink, blue, white, yellow.
3. green foliage — spagnum moss, plastic grass picks, pieces from an artificial plastic or paper evergreen.
4. Plastic foam base for landscaped scene or some scrap to hold the flowers until used.



1. Heat glue gun.
2. Cut wire into correct length.
3. Apply hot glue to 1/2 inch of wire.
4. Immediately dip glued end into colored shredded foam of your choice. Work foam into glue, BEING CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOUR FINGERS. Then stick the other end of the wire into the foam base.
5 Clip greenery from sourceFree Web Content, then hot glue the pieces around base of flower wire.
6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 until you have the size hyacinth garden that you wish.
7. Inhale deeply…and take time to smell the flowers!!!!