Fabulous Florist :: Noonan’s Wine Country Designs

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I first met Katie Noonan at a Florabundance Inspiration Design Days event, in fact it was at the 2013 inaugural Design Days! Upon meeting I promptly caught on that Katie has a quick wit and an incredible eye for floral design. Her work is consistently detailed, gorgeous, feminine and ethereal. I’m thrilled to have her join us on the blog today as part of our “fabulous florists” series! Katie, can you share with us what is your favorite part of being a floral designer? Being creative and working with beautiful flowers is always going to be what makes me excited to design. Recently with COVID, I learned how much I missed working with flowers on a regular schedule. When you are working events through all the seasons, you kind of get that nostalgic feeling when […]
Published at Mon, 02 Nov 2020 13:45:48 +0000