With its mother –of-pearl-look Monogram flower surrounded by engraved brass studs, this chunky ring is a high catching and elegant accessory for winter. The engraved brass studs are all about Louis Vuitton logo. The chunky ring body is made from colored resin, on which is brass studs and shiny palladium finishing monogram flower. This ring is available in two colors, pink and grey. Personally I like the pink one very much, but the grey one perhaps is much more personality. I like it very muchHealth Fitness Articles, but I consider its price 120 sterling pounds rather hefty. What is your opinion?

We’ll start with a brief flower essence primer – what are they and how do they work? Flower essences are liquid preparations, usually with water and a little brandy, containing the energetic imprint of the flower. None of the original flower remains in the water, unlike tea. Instead, the water, which is a highly-imprintable substance where energy patterns are concerned, holds an etheric picture of the flower and stores it indefinitely. What does this mean for us? Well, as modern science is revealing, we are all made of energy – all matter is really distinct patterns of energy which our senses perceive as solid. Emotional and psychological states and conditions have an energy pattern too. It is these energy patterns on which a flower essence can have an effect. They are not so dense as matter; they are more fluid and mutable – usually maintained through our own habits or self-images. Flower essences infuse the vibrational pattern of a particular flower into this etheric emotional/psychological vibrational pattern of ours. Oftentimes, this can be the impetus needed for change, and essences have been shown to support healing from actual physical illness through a change in the mind (or heart) of the patient. That said, here’s a few flower essences that may be of particular use in healing to women, allowing full and bright expression of the divine feminine principal within us all. Alpine Lily Flower Essence: This remedy can support the acceptance of the female body, allowing the spirited female soul to truly inhabit their earthly body. Through signals from our culture or from their family, women may be uncomfortable with their bodies, perhaps rejecting the strictly feminine aspects as ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’. This can lead to inner conflict, emotional distress, and eventually in the physical manifestation of a disease. Alpine Lily strengthens the confidence of the feminine spirit in the female body, allowing a blossoming of feminine radiance in this earthly incarnation.

Pomegranate Flower Essence: This remedy supports the expression of warm hearted feminine creativity at home or in the world. It has been used as an important remedy for nearly all ‘women’s issues’, clearing negative emotions. This clearing can have dramatic effects where health issues are involved, as we now know the emotional state is closely tied to physical health. Pomegranate is also used as an aphrodisiac for women, alleviating insecurity related to one’s sexual self. This allows confident connection to the sexual chakra, allowing freedom of expression through this channel. Pomegranate is thought to accentuate all aspects of femininity; visualizing feminine confidence may be useful when taking the essence to reveal it’s full effect.

Hibiscus Flower Essence: Hibiscus can support return to a healthy state of heart and mind for women who have been sexually traumatized. It may also be of great benefit to the modern woman who has consciously or unconsciously absorbed the negative impressions of dehumanized sexuality. The flower is a great expression of beauty – the essence brings a flowing warmth through the body and soul, particularly healing to repressed or damaged sexual psychology.

Beech Flower Essence: One of the original 38 flower essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s, Beech supports tolerance and acceptance of others by allowing one’s own self-confidence to unfold. Often, if one has grown up in an environment of criticism and harsh expectation they feel inwardly vulnerable and insecure. This is often expressed later in life through harsh speech and critism of others. Beech can also lessen the oversensitivity someone growing up in such an environment may have, tending to continue being overcritical of themselves – as above, this in turn will lessen reflecting this onto others.

Sunflower Flower Essence: Sunflower may bring a bright, strong sense of individuality, and allow this individual persona to shine forth in the world. It is often used as a remedy where the relationship with the father figure in one’s life has been difficult, resulting in a repression of one’s joy and light. Sunflower will also bring balance where insecurity instead manifests through self-glory and aggrandizement. Here, sunflower brings out the quality of warmth and loving compassion. In general, sunflower heals a woman’s distortion’s or disturbances in their relationship to the masculine, often associated with a conflicted relationship with their father in childhood.

While these essences are some of those often used by women for their healing, there are many others. Guides are available on the internet and in print to help you find other flower remedies that may support your particular condition. Flower essences are safe, and not contraindicated with any medical treatment, and may be an effective adjunct by healing one’s emotions or psyche. This can support the most important component of natural health and wellness – the power of a positive mind and happy heart.