So many great floral blog posts in the world, so little time to click on each page to read them all. This was the problem I wanted to solve. I was tired of clicking clicking clicking on 15 different floral blog sites or viewing them in an ugly RSS reader, so I came up with the Floralzine… one place that showcases the most fabulous floral blogs in the world and it’s free!



The Floralzine (floral magazine) was also  inspired by all the beautiful designs and hard work those in the floral industry work hard on everyday. If you know of a blog that touches the floral industry and would add value to those in it, contact usand let us know.  Our space is limited, but if your blog brings great value to our readers, we’d love to showcase you in our magazine.


I am so proud of our floral bloggers and happy to be able to lift them up on a pedestal showing the world how great they are. Feel free to bookmark us or share with your friends, it’s a great place to be inspired and filled with floral knowledge.


Thank you for visiting the Floralzine –

brandon kirkland